Common Problem:  On average, 4 to 6 city police officers serve approximately 10 square miles. As a result, the likelihood of your property being patrolled is slim to none.

SolutionSoutheastern Zone Patrol

A police officer will randomly patrol your property numerous times during a 24 hour period. You choose the number of patrols you require or desire.

Common Problem:  A security guard encounters criminal activity taking place on your property and they are unable to find or arrest the perpetrator(s).  The security guard must call the police for assistance.

Solution:  Southeastern Assigned Police Officer

With our stationary police officer already on duty at your property, the police are already there. Our officer is dedicated in helping ensure your safety and protection and is familiar with the characteristics of your property.

Common Problem: You don’t know what services you need or how it will fit into your property’s budget.

Solution:  Southeastern Safety Evaluation

Receive a no-cost/no obligation assessment of your property to determine which service best fits you and your budget. Call 704-394-1500 and schedule your assessment today.