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Security Officers

Are Southeastern Security Officers trained?

Yes. All of our security officers/guards are trained above and beyond PPSB training standards.

Are Southeastern Security Officers armed?

Yes. We provide both armed and unarmed security officers.

Are your Security Officers professional in service and demeanor?

Our officers conform to the necessary environment to achieve and maintain a safe productive atmosphere for each client. Our officers at all times present and perform at a professional level of service.

Why would I choose a Southeastern Security Officer of an alternative security company for security services?

Southeastern stands out for many reason from other security companies include:

Client Oriented Services

Dedicated Account Management Team

Dedicated Risk Management Team

Police Over-sight on Security Services

Company Police Officers

Are Southeastern Company Police officers “real police officers“?

Yes. We are state sworn and certified law enforcement officers.*

Are Southeastern Company Police officers armed and can they enforce traffic laws and/or make arrests?

Yes. We are armed police officers with the ability to enforce traffic laws, perform criminal investigations, and make arrests for misdemeanors and felonies.

Why would I need Southeastern Company Police when we have a courtesy officer living on property?

A courtesy officer provides only a presence in the community. Our officers are there to actively protect and serve the community.

Is there a difference between a Southeastern Company Police officer and hiring an off-duty police officer?

Yes. This is our primary law enforcement job and not a secondary security job. This ensures that the community receives the attention it deserve.

We have various criminal incidents that occur on our property. Should we just hire a security guard or a Southeastern Company Police officer?

When a crime occurs, a security guard must call the police for assistance in resolving criminal issues and thus causes your crime stats to increase. Southeastern does not have to call the police because we are the police therefore helping preserve your community’s image.

Financial/Banking Risk Management Team

What are Southeastern Risk Management offerings?

Southeastern offers third-party evaluation and investigation to out financial partners including: Executive Escorting, Physical Security, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Internal Investigation, Fraud and Criminal Threats (Internal or External), Financial Crimes and AML Investigations

Who are the members our Risk Management Team?

Southeastern offers Certified Risk Management Professional to evaluate and provide actional assessments for your institution.

Southeastern Public Safety Group.

Security Officer Charlotte NC

Your Safety Solution.


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