Patrol Service

We provide a patrol service option that fits your community or facility. At Southeastern we offer:

Police and Security Patrols in Charlotte NC

  • Police Patrol Services
  • Security Patrol Services

These services maybe performed  through:

  • Vehicular Patrols
  • Bike Patrols
  • Foot Patrols

Southeastern offers the option for police patrols or security patrols. Our police officers provide law enforcement services that include but are not limited to resolution of traffic violations and performing arrests. Our security officers provide services in policy enforcement and observing and reporting.

Each option targets the crime that you may be faced with and helps to reduce the activity, thereby increasing your overall safety. Because:

  • Employees, Residents and Guests will know that there is a police officer or security officer patrolling the area consistently.
  • Areas with a continual police presence are safer for the end user and less likely to be a victim of crime.

Areas in which an active patrol are used, help to the change view of employees, residents and guest  about crime. An active patrol  helps fuel an increase in the safety and overall live-ability of an area. Areas with an active patrol are :

  • A more effective working and living environment.
  • More Productivity
  • Less likely to be a victim of crime.

Take the time to find out if a continuous police or security presence is what is missing from your property. At Southeastern,  your safety is our goal.

Contact Southeastern for a safety evaluation